Sindyanna Visit to the UK: Fair Trade for Long Term Solutions

Sindyanna of Galilee is unique organisation based on co-operation between Palestinian and Jewish people, based on a mutual belief in equality and Palestinian right to self-determination. Sindyanna has a strong track record in providing women with equal chances and advancing the economic situation of Arab women within Israel. Sindyanna is a ray of hope in an area that suffers from war, occupation and fundamentalism. Founded in 1996, Sindyanna is a member of IFAT, the International Fair Trade Association. Sindyanna’s website can be visited here.

On Friday 3rd April Sindyana are giving a public talk at the Fellowship of Reconciliation’s Peace House with refreshments from 5.30pm for a 6pm start. We also hope to have Tareq Bakri, Oxfam’s Middle East Programme Officer there to say a few words.

Hosted by Fellowship of Reconcilaition and Oxford’s Fair Trade Coalition, there is a suggested £5 donation toward to cost of hosting the event and refreshments.

Please email or call 01865 250 781 for more details. The event is being held at the Fellowship of Reconciliation, Peace House, 19 Paradise Street, Oxford, OX1 1LD.


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