Your Fairtrade vision for Oxford

April 25, 2009

At the relaunch of Oxford as a Fairtrade City in February we asked those attending to share some of their visions for Oxford as a Fairtrade City. Here are some of the suggestions that were made:

Fairtrade Vision Suggestions“For everyone in Oxford to feel a connection with a particular Fair Trade supplier”

“To put enough pressure on the University of Oxford (and the colleges) so it becomes the second Fairtrade University in the City”

“I would love to see every shop carrying Fairtrade products”

“I choose Fairtrade because it’s the right thing to do – everyone deserves a fair wage for their work and the change of a good life for themselves and their family”

“A city where Fairtrade products are the norm, not just a niche”

“A more co-ordinated approach to Fairtrade form Oxford business”

“Two Fairtrade Universities in the city”

Big bang stomp for World Fair Trade Day 2009

April 24, 2009

World Fair Trade Day 20099th May is World Fair Trade Day 2009 – a global festival exploring the power of Fair Trade to bring millions of producers out of poverty – and engaging with the challenges faced by the Fair Trade movement across the world.

In Oxford we will be celebrating World Fair Trade Day 2009 with the Dhol Drummers from Cowley St Christopher School, beating out some Fair Trade rhythms in Templars Square, Cowley Centre, from 11-12 on Saturday 9th May. Listen out for a Fair Trade Bannana Calypso and the recital of a competition-winning poem about Fairtrade chocolate.

Together we’ll be able to really make some noise for Fair Trade and we hope you will join us!

(You can check out the fantastic Cowley St Christophers Dhol Drummers before hand in this clip on YouTube)

If you’ve got any other events planned in Oxford for World Fair Trade Day – do let us know. Just leave a comment using the form below!

Whilst the FAIRTRADE Mark applies to many commodity products, principles of Fair Trade are also applied by many more local craft producers across the globe, working under the World Fair Trade Organisation

Sinyanna of Galilee Visit

April 14, 2009

Sinyanna of Galilee Visit

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On Friday 3rd April Samia and Hadas from Sinyanna of Galilee visited Oxford to share their story of working to promote Fair Trade and to support economic development for Arabs inside Israel.

Sindyanna is a Fair Trade organisation led by women striving for a social change. It works with the Arab population in the Galilee region, northern Israel, and seeks to help growers and producers from the Palestinian Occupied Territories. We learnt from Samia and Hadas how Arab farmers inside Israel struggle to find work and sell their products – and how Sindyanna and the Workers Advice Centre ( have been campaigning for legislative change to support Arab workers.

We also heard how Sindyanna combine their commercial activity with work in the community, enhancing Arab women’s empowerment while developing the olive industry. We also heard about how Samia and Hadas had come work with Sindyanna – coming from different backgrounds to share a common goal of empowering women and contributing to economic development amongst Arab farmers inside Israel.

From the Sindyanna website:

“Sindyanna symbolizes a unique cooperation between Arabs and Jews, striving to strengthen the economy of the Arab-Palestinian population, both in Israel and in the Occupied Territories. Sindyanna is not only a means of helping farmers and growers from the South, but also a way of showing that a solution to the Middle East conflict starts at opening real economic opportunities.”

You can find more about Sindyanna on their website here:

The meeting was joint organised by Oxford City Fairtrade Coalition and Fellowship of Reconciliation, (More photos here)