Wrapping Oxford in Fair Trade Bunting for FTF2011: take part!

Can we wrap Oxford in Fair Trade Cotton bunting to celebrate Fair Trade Fortnight 2011?

We’re inviting groups across Oxford to create and decorate their own Fair Trade bunting for Fair Trade Fortnight – displaying it at schools, colleges, workplaces, places of worship, and in setting right across Oxford, before bringing all the bunting together to see how far we can reach across Oxford with flags of Fair Trade cotton.

If you want to take part then:

1) Let us know! Add a comment below or drop an e-mail to fairtrade@oxford.gov.uk.

2) Get hold of Fair Trade Cotton – the Fairtrade Foundation are offering packs of blank Fair Trade cotton bunting and pre-created bunting. Check the FTF2011 leaflets – or talk to one of our local Fairtrade shops to get large supplies.

3) During Fair Trade Fortnight (28th Feb – 13th March) host a session creating Fair Trade bunting. You could decorate Fair Trade cotton bunting from the Fair Trade Foundation, or make your own from recycled Fair Trade cotton and more.

4) At the end of Fair Trade Fortnight (date and venue to be announced) bring your bunting to a central point where we’ll be seeing how far we can reach with bunting across Oxford.

Schools? Community Groups? Faith Groups?

The Fairtrade Foundation have a wide range of resources available that you can use to turn a bunting workshop into a great learning and social opportunity.

We’re hoping to share more ideas for Fair Trade bunting events here soon – but do share your ideas as well…


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