Oxford Fair Trade Coalition Meeting

May 31, 2011

With apologies for the late reminder, we have a Fairtrade Coalition meeting tomorrow at the Town Hall. Sabita will be able to update us on plans for a ‘Your Fair Trade City’ event on the 25th, and there will be opportunities to get involved in making that event a real success.

Wednesday 1st June – Oxford City Fairtrade Coalition

4.30 – 6pm

Town Hall, Panel Room

Invited: All Coalition members. Guests and newcomers welcome.


1. Apologies

2. Minutes of the last meeting (available here)

3. Your Fairtrade City Plan and Status Renewal

4. 1000th Fairtrade Town project

5. Accounts and finances

6.Miriyam Bibi event
Ian has sent a proposal for the structure of the event. We need to start work on publicity.

7. Insurance
We do not currently have any insurance in place. The Fairtrade Foundation offer insurance for £125/year through a social enterprise CaSE.

8. Any other business

June 25: Day of Action & Celebration to Keep Oxford Your Fairtrade City

May 17, 2011
Calling all cyclists, pedestrians, joggers, photographers, designers, tea-makers, cake-bakers, cocktail shakers, map-makers, software-programmers, Fairtrade consumers and campaigners…
Help create an updated Fairtrade Map of Oxford in a single day – and keep Oxford Your Fairtrade City.
Why? Because we need to submit a report to the Fairtrade Foundation applying for renewal of our Fairtrade City status – and to do that we need to prove that we have at least 25 shops and 13 catering outlets that sell two or more Fairtrade products. To find out if we still do – WE NEED YOUR HELP!
Here’s how it will work:
1. We’ll meet in the heart of Oxford for an energy-boosting fair trade coffee/breakfast,
2. Fairtrade treasurehunters will fan out across the city to discover Fairtrade treasure in as many shops, restaurants and workplace canteens as possible.
3. You send the info back by text or mobile phone photo to the OFTC “Control Room”, where other volunteers will update the Fairtrade Map of Oxford.
4. We all celebrate meeting the criteria to keep our Fairtrade City status (yes, we’re that confident!)
5. The information gathered will be fed into Oxford’s report to the Fairtrade Foundation, applying for renewal of our Fairtrade City status.
6. The map will be reproduced to provide Oxford residents and visitors with information about where to buy their fairtrade goods.
What can you do?
  • Volunteer as a treasure hunter, map-maker,  photographer, designer, breakfast preparer or party organiser.
  • Get your school, college and/or workplace involved (in the week running up to the 25th we’ll arrange for students to visit workplaces and report on their fairtrade credentials)
  • Spread the word – to your friends, family, colleagues… display posters, distribute leaflets
  • Publicise Your Fairtrade City Day of Action and Celebration in your school/uni/workplace/church/mosque/temple  newsletter.

For more information or to sign up as a volunteer, contact Sabita Banerji at yourfairtradecity@gmail.com

The Your Fair Trade City project

May 14, 2011
Today is World Fair Trade Day

Oxford Fair Trade Coalition would like to use this opportunity invite you to join us for A Day of Action and Celebration on Saturday, 25th June to help keep Oxford as YOUR FAIR TRADE CITY.
Take part in a city-wide Fair Trade Treasure Hunt to help compile a Fair Trade Map of Oxford
then celebrate with a fabulous Fairtrade party in the evening!

Did you know that Oxford City is now one of 1,000 Fairtrade Towns worldwide? One of the Fairtrade Foundation’s criteria to achieve this status is that a percentage of the city’s shops, restaurants and workplaces serve two or more Fairtrade products, ie; the people who produce them are paid a fair wage and have decent working conditions. Almost half UK consumers say they buy fairtrade products today and, despite the global downturn, Fairtrade retail sales in the UK now exceed £600 million.
Every two years we need to demonstrate that we still meet Fairtrade Town status criteria… and perhaps even exceed them. This year, you can help keep Oxford a Fair Trade City by joining our Day of Action and Celebration on Saturday, June 25th. Information gathered on the Fair Trade Treasure Hunt will form part of our report to the Fairtrade Foundation, applying for renewal of Oxford’s Fairtrade Town status.
PLEASE PASS THIS ON TO ANYONE ELSE YOU THINK MIGHT BE INTERESTED!For more information about how to get involved, visithttp://tinyurl.com/6c38g2n , or contact Sabita atjustchangeoxford@gmail.com.

World Fair Trade Day – Letter of Support from the City of Oxford

May 10, 2011

World Fair Trade Day is coming up on the 14th May. Whilst Fairtrade Fortnight offers the opportunity to celebrate all the certified FAIRTRADE commodities and the impact they have on farmers across the global, World Fair Trade Day offers an opportunity to recognise and celebrate the wider Fair Trade movement, including craftspeople as well as farmers – creating and trading goods through ethical systems right across the globe.

The Lord Mayor of Oxford, along with the Oxford Fair Trade Coalition have sent their best wishes to the WFTO (World Fair Trade Organisation) secretariat and team to share in this years celebrations. The message reads:

The city of Oxford and the Oxford Fair Trade Coalition sends its best wishes to the World Fair Trade Organisation on World Fair Trade Day 2011. We believe that Fair Trade contributes to a just and sustainable economy locally and globally. We support all those WFTO activities which help reduce poor people’s vulnerability and increase their security and wellbeing.

The theme of connecting local and global economic sustainability and wellbeing is one we will be exploring when Oxford hosts visitors from a number of European Cities later this year, coming together as part of a project to find how local government and local communities can contribute to the realisation of the Millennium Development Goals.

Look out for more on how you can celebrate World Fair Trade Day and get involved in an exciting upcoming Oxford Fair Trade City project on the blog soon…


A hack-day for Fairtrade in Oxford?

May 4, 2011
Oxford is a Fairtrade City.
To stay as a Fairtrade City we have to renew our ‘status’ every few years – and the next renewal is coming up. This year we were thinking it might be fun if, instead of a just having a bunch of volunteers wander around a few shops with clipboards to check we have lots of places stocking Fairtrade products for our renewal application, we could take a more dynamic approach and:
  • Build some sort of online directory of what Fairtrade products you can get in Oxford and where;
  • Find a way for people to report Fairtrade-stocking retailers using their mobiles;
  • Find ways of crowdsourcing photos for Fairtrade retailers in Oxford;
  • Do lots of other cool things with the data we collect (like making maps that show the connection between shops in Oxford and suppliers the other side of the globe; mashing-up Fairtrade info with Daily Info data; linking up with local radio creating custom QR coded stickers for retailers and lots more… limited only by our collective imaginations)
All of which sounded like a really good focus for some sort of social-action focussed hack-day of building stuff – followed by a volunteer crowd-sourcing data with people cycling round the city etc. to gather all the information we need for the renewal.
(If you’ve not come across the idea of a hack-day before – it’s when technologists, designers, writers, photographers, researchers, information-gatherers, and anyone else who is willing to volunteers their time for a day gets together to build useful things in about 6 or 7 hours. They’re fun, creative, often chaotic – and generally result in some really good outcomes in a short space of time. Check out this post about the Oxford Open Data Day hack-day last year.)
Looking ahead – we could hold a day on the 11th or 25th June 2011. Anyone interested in taking part or helping plan and make this happen? Drop me an e-mail or tweet (@timdavies) or drop in a comment below…