The Your Fair Trade City project

Today is World Fair Trade Day

Oxford Fair Trade Coalition would like to use this opportunity invite you to join us for A Day of Action and Celebration on Saturday, 25th June to help keep Oxford as YOUR FAIR TRADE CITY.
Take part in a city-wide Fair Trade Treasure Hunt to help compile a Fair Trade Map of Oxford
then celebrate with a fabulous Fairtrade party in the evening!

Did you know that Oxford City is now one of 1,000 Fairtrade Towns worldwide? One of the Fairtrade Foundation’s criteria to achieve this status is that a percentage of the city’s shops, restaurants and workplaces serve two or more Fairtrade products, ie; the people who produce them are paid a fair wage and have decent working conditions. Almost half UK consumers say they buy fairtrade products today and, despite the global downturn, Fairtrade retail sales in the UK now exceed £600 million.
Every two years we need to demonstrate that we still meet Fairtrade Town status criteria… and perhaps even exceed them. This year, you can help keep Oxford a Fair Trade City by joining our Day of Action and Celebration on Saturday, June 25th. Information gathered on the Fair Trade Treasure Hunt will form part of our report to the Fairtrade Foundation, applying for renewal of Oxford’s Fairtrade Town status.
PLEASE PASS THIS ON TO ANYONE ELSE YOU THINK MIGHT BE INTERESTED!For more information about how to get involved, visit , or contact Sabita

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