June 25: Day of Action & Celebration to Keep Oxford Your Fairtrade City

Calling all cyclists, pedestrians, joggers, photographers, designers, tea-makers, cake-bakers, cocktail shakers, map-makers, software-programmers, Fairtrade consumers and campaigners…
Help create an updated Fairtrade Map of Oxford in a single day – and keep Oxford Your Fairtrade City.
Why? Because we need to submit a report to the Fairtrade Foundation applying for renewal of our Fairtrade City status – and to do that we need to prove that we have at least 25 shops and 13 catering outlets that sell two or more Fairtrade products. To find out if we still do – WE NEED YOUR HELP!
Here’s how it will work:
1. We’ll meet in the heart of Oxford for an energy-boosting fair trade coffee/breakfast,
2. Fairtrade treasurehunters will fan out across the city to discover Fairtrade treasure in as many shops, restaurants and workplace canteens as possible.
3. You send the info back by text or mobile phone photo to the OFTC “Control Room”, where other volunteers will update the Fairtrade Map of Oxford.
4. We all celebrate meeting the criteria to keep our Fairtrade City status (yes, we’re that confident!)
5. The information gathered will be fed into Oxford’s report to the Fairtrade Foundation, applying for renewal of our Fairtrade City status.
6. The map will be reproduced to provide Oxford residents and visitors with information about where to buy their fairtrade goods.
What can you do?
  • Volunteer as a treasure hunter, map-maker,  photographer, designer, breakfast preparer or party organiser.
  • Get your school, college and/or workplace involved (in the week running up to the 25th we’ll arrange for students to visit workplaces and report on their fairtrade credentials)
  • Spread the word – to your friends, family, colleagues… display posters, distribute leaflets
  • Publicise Your Fairtrade City Day of Action and Celebration in your school/uni/workplace/church/mosque/temple  newsletter.

For more information or to sign up as a volunteer, contact Sabita Banerji at yourfairtradecity@gmail.com

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