This is ‘Your Fairtrade City’ Week!

We need your help to keep Oxford a Fairtrade City.

To renew our status as a Fairtrade City, we need to find out if we still have enough shops, restaurants and workplaces that provide two or more Fairtrade products.

How can you help?

This week – Help map Fairtrade provision in your area
Visit shops, restaurants and workplaces in your street or area to find out about their Fairtrade policy and provision.

Contact us on  to find out what we would like you to ask them and what information to give them if they don’t yet know about Fairtrade.

Saturday 25th – Join the Day of Action and Celebration  
10.30 am- 5 pm St Michael at the Northgate
Become a Fairtrade Treasure Hunter and explore the City Centre to discover Fairtrade treasure in as many shops, restaurants and workplace canteens as possible. Bring or send the information back to “base camp”, where other volunteers will update a giant Fairtrade Map of Oxford.

Free Fairtrade tea, coffee and snacks for Fairtrade Treasure Hunters! If you find a Golden Ticket in one of the shops/restaurants you win a prize!

Join us at the Far From the Madding Crowd pub in the evening to celebrate our Fairtrade City!

The information gathered will be fed into Oxford’s report to the Fairtrade Foundation, applying for renewal of our Fairtrade City status, and the map will be reproduced to provide Oxford residents and visitors with information about where to buy their Fairtrade goods.

Businesses, schools, colleges, public institutions, community groups and faith groups can also get involved. Visit the relevant pages on Your Fairtrade City page on the right or email us at the address below.

For more information or to sign up as a volunteer, contact Sabita Banerji at

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