Minutes of Fairtrade Coalition Meeting

June 2, 2011

Dear all,

Please find below minutes of yesterday’s coalition meeting. In particular:

  • Make sure you have 25th June in your diary for our Fairtrade mapping event – and if you can offer any support with preparing for this, contact Sabita on yourfairtradecity
  • Note the Maryam Bibi talk on 1st July. More details coming soon.
  • Our next full meeting will be 6th July, 4.30 at the Town Hall.

Attached is a draft image with a Make Trade Fair message to share as part of our contribution to the celebration of the 1000th Fairtrade town this weekend, which Witney will be part of. Comments welcome. I’ll otherwise send this to the Fairtrade Towns Campaign over the weekend and it will be available for you to share with your networks by e-mail, facebook etc.

All best wishes



Wednesday 1st June – Oxford City Fairtrade Coalition

4.30 – 6pm

Town Hall, Jury Room.

Invited: All Coalition members. Guests and newcomers welcome.

Present: Sebastian Johnson, Mike McKinley (Chair), Sabita Banerji, Patricia Wright, Susan King, Tim Davies, Judith Condor-Vidal

1. Apologies
John Coyle, Elizabeth Whitwick, Joyce Day, Maranda, Carol Wills, Rachel Smith

2. Minutes of the last meeting (available here)

  • We noted the letter of support from the City of Oxford for World Fair Trade Day that Sebastian arranged from the Mayor. It can be seen on our website.
  • We noted that Patricia and Judith raised World Fair Trade Day at the co-operative AGM which was on the same day.
  • Sebastian reported back on enquiries prompted by Patricia into Fairtrade vending machines. With the upcoming renewal of the catering contract for the Town Hall in November exploration was being made of having Fair Trade products in snack and hot-drink vending machines in the Town Hall. It is hoped this will happen and the coalition should monitor this.

3. Your Fair Trade City Plan and Status Renewal

  • Sabita reported on progress towards the 25th June Your Fairtrade City Day which has included a slot on BBC Radio Oxford last Friday, creation of powers to promote the event, and an e-mail campaign also.
  • A venue is yet to be secured, but Sabita is talking with the Oxford Students Union, and the idea of focusing attention on Bonn Square with the map on a stall outdoors, and contacting the Baptish Church or Wesley Memorial Church as backup inside venues was raised.
  • Right now volunteers are needed both to be present on the day, and to help with preparation. If you are able to take part on the 25th, or in advance, please e-mail yourfairtradecity as soon as possible so we can identify what scale the event can be.
  • We agreed the important focus must be on mapping available Fairtrade retailers.
  • Action: Sabita to continue preparation for the event
  • Action: Tim will work to create a template for reporting available products
  • Action: All to help find volunteers and let Sabita know about their availability on the 25th
  • Action: Tim and Sabita to prepare paragraph on Your Fairtrade City and other event for Council’s internal ‘Council Matters’ newsletter.

4. 1000th Fairtrade Town project

  • This Saturday will see Witney amongst the 1000th Fair Trade Towns being celebrated across the globe. We’ve been asked to send in a photo stating “Make Trade Fair” as part of the celebration.
  • Action: Tim to prepare and send in photo.

5. Accounts and finances

  • Mike reported that Elizabeth is not currently able to act as treasurer.
  • Motion proposed by Tim Davies: “To appoint Mike McKinley as Interim Treasurer and for him to be empowered to take such steps as are necessary to manage the finances of the coalition, including becoming the key contact and signatory with the co-operative bank.”
  • Motion passed.

6.Miriyam Bibi event

  • Ian has sent a proposal for the structure of the event. We need to start work on publicity. Patricia has been liasing with Elma on the venue which will be the Meeting House from 7pm for 7.30 on the 1st July. The event will be titled “Fairtrade at the Frontier” and will use the sub-title “Women talking to the Taliban”. It will be a co-hosted event between FROK (Friends of Khwendo Kor) and OFTC.
  • Mike is able to chair the event.
  • Action: Tim to create poster for the event and to raise awareness online. A brief e-mail text will be circulated shortly.
  • Action: All to promote the event to networks they have available.

7. Insurance

  • We do not currently have any insurance in place. The Fairtrade Foundation offer insurance for £125/year through a social enterprise CaSE.
  • Action: Mike to arrange insurance for the Coalition by 25th June to cover our upcoming event.

8. Any other business

  • Mike reminded us of the upcoming seminar in September. More details and planning need to be arranged soon.
  • We discussed how we should respond to requests or opportunities to have stalls at upcoming events, including the Cowley Road Carnival. Given our current resources, and our strategic goals to promote awareness of Fairtrade and why Fairtrade matters we discussed whether we should instead focus on making sure stalls already offering Fairtrade products at events were ‘loud and proud’ about that fact – perhaps by offering stalls posters and display elements to use.
  • We discussed whether a ‘tick box’ might be added to applications for licenses of hold street stalls or other events asking whether the organisers were planning to have Fairtrade products on sale as (a) this would help encourage consideration of Fairtrade and (b) could help us collect useful data to report back in future.
  • Rachel Cappel (working with us on the EU project) may be able to advise more on the possibility of this.
  • We noted Cowley Road Carnival is shortly after our Your Fairtrade City event and may be a good time to distribute the map if we have been able to produce it.
  • Actions: Mike to explore possibility of such a tick-box with Rachel.
  • Action: Sebastian to find contact details for Cowley Road Carnival organisers.

9. Date of Next Meeting

Make Trade Fair 1000th Town Graphic-email.pdf