Kellogg college focus on Fairtrade

July 28, 2011

We missed the news earlier this year, but Kellogg College is working towards Fairtrade Status…

Kellogg College is aiming to achieve Fairtrade status, and on Tuesday 12th May the College hosted its first Fairtrade Fashion Show. The Sustainable Kellogg Society staged an evening that was slick, sophisticated and fun, showing how Fairtrade can create, not compromise, fashion.

Fairtrade image

Students modelled fair-trade, ethical and recycled clothing, accessories and jewellery from local suppliers Indigo, Trading for Development, I’ve Seen Action and Dragonfly. The brands included People Tree, Saree Designs, Komodo, Brain Tree, HippiChic, Monkey Genes, Neurotica, Annie Greenabelle and Bibico – all drawing their inspiration, designs and materials from fair-trade, sustainable, organic and recycled sources.

Fairtrade image

The fabrics on show ranged from organic cotton to hemp to recycled saris, bamboo and soya. The bags and jewellery were crafted from recycled waste materials, finding new lives for cast-off clothes, computers and even sweet wrappers.

Join the Rice Challenge at the Windmill Shop in Headington

July 16, 2011

Find out more in the attached newsletter…

Minutes of Fair Trade Coalition Meeting – 11th July 2011

July 11, 2011

Present: Carol Wills, Maranda St John Nicole, Mike McKinley, Tim Davies, Ian Sinclair, Judith Condor-Vidal,

1. Apologies

Sabita Banerji, Elma Sinclair

2. Minutes of last meeting

3. Maryam Bibi Meeting

Carol noted the 1st July meeting with Maryam Bibi was an inspiring gathering providing us many insights. We discussed how the fair trade elements of Kwendo-Kor’s work operates, and the importance of supporting small-scale fair trading projects.

Tim suggested writing an article about the event. Maranda suggested this would work best as a personal story.

Action: Ian to write with thanks to the Quaker meeting house.

Action: Tim follow up with Sebastian re: article on Kwendo Kor and event

Action: Tim to forward BBC Oxford contacts to Ian Sinclair

4. Fairtrade Town Status Renewal Report

All members to review the report and feedback.

We should reflect on our changing organizational structure and the different partnerships we have had and groups we have worked with. “We have run and supported events in partnership with a wide variety of groups, including: ……”

We have developed a positive conversation with Daily Info.

5. Finances & Insurance

We now have insurance arranged and active from mid-June through the Fairtrade Foundation.

We have ongoing challenges with the Co-operative account signatories. The present signatories are Judith, Carol, Mike and Patricia.

Motion: “To appoint Mike McKinley as acting treasurer.”

Motion passed unanimously

Motion: “We authorize the acting treasurer to investigate transferring our finances to a local building society. A new account can be set up with a single signatory required for sums under £100, and two signatories required for sums over £100.”

Motion passed unanimously.

We agreed we should provide feedback to the co-operative bank on why we have had to change.

6. European Conference

There is a meeting to plan the conference on the 18th July at 4.30pm at the Council offices. The event is currently booked in for the first week of September. We need to confirm speakers as soon as possible.

Action: Mike to confirm Alex Nichols availability

Action: Maranda to forward QEH contact details to Mike

Action: Maranda to mention at Oxfordshire Meeting

7. Fairtrade Fortnight 2011

Identifying groups to activate.

8. Any Other Business

Maranda highlighted that Fairtrade Foundation is exploring how to open up membership to grassroots campaign groups as well as agencies. A proposal for groups to look at will be circulated.

Carol reported that Jeremy Pearcy of Shared Earth is planning a walk from Lands End to John O’Groats in support of a fair trade project in the Nairobi slums. If the route passes near Oxford then the group would be invited to get involved in some way. John is also keen to bring a drumming group from the Nairobi slums to England.

Judith reported that a collection of Fairtrade things were shared at the celebration of Oxford Day in Bonn on behalf of Trading for Development, member of the Oxford City Fair Trade Coalition on 4th June 2011.

Tim raised ideas for events: aid and fair trade.

9. Date of next meeting

To be agreed after 18th July meeting.