Kellogg college focus on Fairtrade

We missed the news earlier this year, but Kellogg College is working towards Fairtrade Status…

Kellogg College is aiming to achieve Fairtrade status, and on Tuesday 12th May the College hosted its first Fairtrade Fashion Show. The Sustainable Kellogg Society staged an evening that was slick, sophisticated and fun, showing how Fairtrade can create, not compromise, fashion.

Fairtrade image

Students modelled fair-trade, ethical and recycled clothing, accessories and jewellery from local suppliers Indigo, Trading for Development, I’ve Seen Action and Dragonfly. The brands included People Tree, Saree Designs, Komodo, Brain Tree, HippiChic, Monkey Genes, Neurotica, Annie Greenabelle and Bibico – all drawing their inspiration, designs and materials from fair-trade, sustainable, organic and recycled sources.

Fairtrade image

The fabrics on show ranged from organic cotton to hemp to recycled saris, bamboo and soya. The bags and jewellery were crafted from recycled waste materials, finding new lives for cast-off clothes, computers and even sweet wrappers.

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