OFTC Minutes – 21st November 2011 – Planning Fairtrade Fortnight

Please find below minutes from Monday’s Oxford City Fairtrade Coalition meeting with emerging plans for Fairtrade Fortnight. As always, any ideas you have for events and activities are welcome and can be shared on our website. And talking of Fairtrade Fornight, you should now be able to order materials and resources from the Fairtrade Foundation website at http://www.fairtrade.org.uk

21st November 2011 – Oxford City Fairtrade Coalition Meeting – 5pm – 6.30pm

Town Hall (Court Room)


Sebastian Johnson, Mike McKinley, Sebastian Blake, Elizabeth Whitwick, Ian Sinclair, Elmer Sinclair, Carol Wills, Tim Davies, Rachel Capel, Sabita Whitwick, Patricia

1. Apologies
Judith Condor-Vidal, Maranda, Joy Day, Sarah (Indigo)

2. Notes of the last meeting
We reviewed key points form the last meeting and noted

  • Our AGM has been postponed until Friday May 11th 2012, to coincide with World Fair Trade Day
  • We have been told our Fairtrade City Status has been renewed, but have not yet recieved official confirmation.
  • Action: Sabita to follow up with the FTF
  • We noted that mention of our FT City Status was included in Oxford City Council’s most recent magazine, thanks to Sabita.
  • Mike and Elizabeth to liase concerning our bank account

3. Feedback from EU Networking Project
We heard feedback from our recent EU Networking Event. The event was very well recieved, with over 40 people attending the Thursday seminar, and great input from our speakers. Our European visitors gave very positive feedback.

Rachel Capell is finalizing notes which we can use to share a report on our website. The budget is also to be finalized, but it appears all speakers have agreed to donate their fees to the Coalition budget.

Action: Tim to forward powerpoint slides to Rachel C.
Action: Tim to pull up ‘tweets’ from the event to share
Action: Rachel C to feedback on final budget arrangements

Particular thanks to Rachel Capell, Tim Davies, Mike McKinley, and all our speakers and contributors were minuted.

We noted that we may have opportunities to get involved in the next meetings of this EU series which will be taking place in Potsdam, most likely focussed on environmental issues.

Sabita noted the success of conference and seminar type events when organised by OFTC and highlighted that we should consider focussing on this type of event – and considering organising similar events at times when those who work full-time can attend.

4. Fairtrade Fortnight 2012
We discussed ideas for Fairtrade Fortnight 2012. FTF is taking place between the 27th February and 11th March. Ideas included:

  • An event linked to Oxford International Women’s Festival
  • Action: Sabita, Patricia and Elmer to liase with the Women’s Festival Committee to get an event on the programme. Prospectively 3rd March 2012.
  • Action: Confirm with Maranda is producer coming to Oxford is a woman to identify possible connections with Women’s Festival

The launch of a ‘Fair Trade Challenge’ inviting individuals to persuade their workplace, department, school or college to ‘Take a step into Fairtrade’ including: an inspirational talk (ideally our visiting producer); an selection of 30-minute ‘skills workshops’ on campaigning for Fairtrade; networking over drinks. Participants would have until end of April to report back on the steps taking into Fair Trade in their organisation, with awards given for the best action at our AGM in May.

  • Action: Tim to work up one-page brief for the event / challenge;
  • Action: Find out date that the producer can be in Oxford
  • Action: Identify potential participants / supporters for the event

Linking to existing organisations such as local cinemas, encouraging them to do something special for Fairtrade Fortnight.

Working to launch our Fairtrade Map using the data gathered for our renewal as a flyer, with events and other information also on it.

Working with Daily Info to get a special feature of all the Fairtrade Fortnight events on their calendar.

Officially re-launching our Fairtrade Status

Joining a ‘Steps around Oxfordshire’ event as suggested by Maranda – encouraging local groups to join a journey between Fairtrade Towns.

  • Carol reminded us that during the WFTO’s Global Journey, Oxford took the banner that was traveling around the world along on a Canal boat, and it was joined by rowers as well.
  • Chalking ‘Fairtrade Footsteps’ on the pavement to indicate a trail of Fairtrade Shops, or putting up ‘Fairtrade Trail Plaques’ to indicate places of Fairtrade History in Oxford.
  • Engaging with tour guides to get them to offer a special Fairtrade Tour of Oxford in Fairtrade Fortnight

Other events already planned or in the planning include:

  • A Fair Trade Fashion Show (planned by Sarah at Indigo)
  • A Fairtrade Meal at Brookes being planned by Elizabeth Whitwick and the Windmill

Action: Everyone to send event ideas to Tim that could be posted onto the Oxfairtrade Blog. Ideally these would be ready to post up on the website and would give other people some ideas and inspiration for running their own events.

Co-ordinator Role
Building on our experience of the Fairtrade Renewal, where using Coalition budget to contract a co-ordinator, we discussed using the incoming funds from the EU project to work with a Fairtrade Fortnight Co-ordinator. Sabita expressed an interest in this role. We agreed we would prepare transparent terms of reference and circulate these for expressions of interest.

Motion: The OFTC should use a proportion of the budget to appoint a Fairtrade Fortnight co-ordinator and provide the co-ordinator with a budget to arrange printing of a Fairtrade City Map. Motion passed unanimously

Action: Tim/Mike to draft Terms of Reference including:

  • Creating a shared list of tasks for Coalition members to work on
  • Collate a calendar of events across the city,
  • Share the calendar with local press; papers; daily info and others.
  • Support organisation of a core Coalition event (potential the Fairtrade Challenge event)
  • ‘Go where the energy is’ and encourage other groups to organise their own activities, promotions and events for Fairtrade Fortnight
  • Co-ordinate creation of a printed Oxford Fairtrade Map
  • Secure press coverage for Fairtrade Fortnight.

These Terms of Reference need to agreed ASAP to enable us to recruit someone to be able to start work on this before Christmas.

Grants for groups
Motion: Should put up to £250 of our budget towards small grants to enable groups to run their own Fairtrade Events, subject to a lightweight application and assessment process being developed. Motion passed unanimously

5. Improving publicity
Our discussion of Fairtrade Fortnight included a number of ideas of better publicity.

6. Fairtrade at the Town Hall Museum
Carol, Judith and Tim hope to meet with the Museum next week to talk about possibilities for Fairtrade products in the Town Hall Gift Shop, and to explore opportunities to share information on the history of Fairtrade in Oxford in the Museum.

7. Any Other Business

  • There is now a Fairtrade Coffee Machine at the Town Hall. We should write to thank those who have been involved in securing this. Action: Patricia
  • The Town Hall cafe is re-opening soon and will stock Fairtrade product.s

Jenny Hill has been exploring having Fair Trade Module in Fashion Course and Catering Courses. We should contact Jenny to offer support.

8. Date of next meeting:
The date of the next meeting is Thursday 8th December: 6pm – 7pm at the Town Hall.


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