Cities for MDGs meeting – Slides now online

A few weeks back Oxford hosted the first of a series of EU ‘Local Government Meeting the Millennium Development Goals’ seminars, where our contribution focussed on Fairtrade.

We were delighted both to be able to present insights from Oxford’s long experience as a Fairtrade Town, and to hear from Jon Danzig (co-founder of Campaign Coffee) and Bruce Crowther (founder of the first Fairtrade Town in Garstang) – as well as to hear about Fairtrade campaigns in other European cities.

Slides from many of the speakers have now been made available on the EU project website, and you can also download them below (in PDF)

From Thursday 10th November

Alex Nichols: Fair Trade in Context: Overview of Fair Trade from local to European and global levels Giving a sense of the growth of the Fairtrade movement.

Bruce Crowther: The Fairtrade Towns Story

Carol Wills & Sebastian Johnson: Fair Trade Status – Working with the Council

From Friday 11th November
Fair trade towns in Austria: A short overview of achievements in public fair procurement and the example of Villach – Emil Benesch, CAA Austria and Isabella Riener, City of Villach

Fair Trade Town Bonn: Local networking and pilot study to measure effects of fair trade town in citizenship – Susanne Walia, Fair Trade Coalition Bonn

The City of Nagykanizsa: Approaches towards fair trade

From local to global: The Millennium Consumption Goals – an additional way to achieve the MDGs? – Thomas Brose, Climate Alliance Europe


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