OFTC Minutes – 6th January 2012


6th January 2011 – Coalition Meeting – FTF Planning

Plowman Room, Town Hall

Maranda St John Nicole; Jo Clifford; Sebastian Blake; Lee Whitchar, Education Officer Botanic Gardens, Sabita; Nicola, Trading for Development; Mike McKinley (co-chair); Tim Davies (co-chair); Kate Goodacre; Rachel Smith; Judith Condor-Vidal.

Elmer and Ian Sinclair; Elizabeth Whitwick.


1. Fairtrade Foundation Report & Seminar Feedback

2. Plans for Fairtrade Fortnight
Sabita has been appointed Fairtrade Fortnight co-ordinator. We are using funds from the EU project to support this.

We’re organising a business lunch (Sabita is leading)

  • Tuesday 28th February or Tuesday 6th March from 12.30 – 2.30
  • Oxford Hub waived room hire, but charging for catering
  • We’re basing estimates on 30 people;


  • Speaker at the start;
  • Brief preview presentations from our FT business mentors;
  • Fair trade business mentors on tables to talk to over lunch;

Approached Alex Nichols, Catherine Dolan & George Monbiot. Not available, but George willing to be invited to future events. Person who spoke at flags event. Constantino in Oxfam.

Suggestion: Ask Carol. Paul from Traidcraft. Harriet Waters. Marcello from Greens Cafe. Will of Vaults and Gardens. Someone from AMT.

Suggestion: Lord Mayor of city local economic development people.Oxford City Centre Manager? Sebastian Johnson on City Partnerships? Elise Benajamin?

Suggestion: Put the call out for Fairtrade Business Mentors


  • All: Please all help with promotion of event (details on website soon)
  • All: Help to identify sponsors for the catering (ideas to Sabita)

Planned Event: Co-op producers – Trading for Development ‘Co-op, Fairtrade, Women’ (Nicola)

  • Trading for Development have been looking to develop and event linking International Women’s Festival; International Year of Co-operatives; Fairtrade Fortnight.
  • Talked with Oxford Hub and provisionally booked on 3rd/4th March to have an exhibition of resources and information. Trading for Development are providing idea and support to student groups to make something happen. The event will be signposting people to resources, including digital resources.
  • Note: The Inauguration of the International Year of Co-operatives is 12th January.

Botanical Gardens (Lee Whitchar)
Last year the Botanical Gardens focused on clothing. Lee is thinking about putting up an Exhibition in the Palm House and having a film on a loop in the education room showing the effects of Pesticides on growers in non-FT situation, and contrasting that with FT growers.

There are possibilities of linking the Coffee Producer and Banana Producers who are visiting Oxford into events at the Botanical Gardens. Contact Shabaz (Shabaz.Hussain) re: Coffee Producer, or Maranda (maranda) re: Banana producer.

Oxford Brookes (Sebastian Blake)

  • 28th February – Holding a stall for Fairtrade organisations in the City to promote and sell to students. Contact Sebastian for details.
  • 9th March – Lunchtime event specifically targeted at Caterers
  • With presentation on how different caters in the town could move towards more Fairtrade and ethical consumption.

Suggestion: Let Oxford Ethics and Environment Committee know and encourage them to come along. Should contact the hospitals as well. Should contact hospitality lists. TD to contact Nominet.

Action: Judith to forward details of city council procurement contacts to Sebastian Blake and Sabita.

Christian Concern for One World – (Maranda)

Anton – Windward Isle Banana Producer is visiting
Fairtrade Foundation are running publicity for this – but we can encourage them to promote main city events also. There are plans for a meeting on Theology of Fairtrade event at Fairtrade at St Michaels.

The Big Brew – annual Traidcraft events taking place throughout the fortnight. It is usually the main activity undertaken by Churches.

There is a co-op sponsored Kidlington event on 7th March with coffee producer. Tastings etc.

Other updates:
Also Oxford Fashion Week during second week of FT Fortnight.

Sabita has looked into banners for Fairtrade Fortnight. These cost £220 / site, and with the need to cover at least 8 sites we felt this was likely to be beyond our budget.

It was suggested we could focus on getting ‘Oxford Fairtrade City’ road signs instead – as this is something we’ve never managed to secure in the past.

The possibility of standard banners to attach to railings etc. was also discussed.

The idea of producing our calendar of events as a newletter or Newspaper was explored.

Since the meeting this idea has developed further with plans for an eight-page newspaper to feature Fairtrade information, news and content. Tim is currently looking at costs and sponsorship possibilities.

3. Plans for AGM
Left to a later meeting.

4. Any Other Business

Shared Interest AGM is taking place in Oxford 16th March 2012 (Mike McKinley)
Sally Reith is the local contact for Shared Interest, and Oxford is one of her target areas for the year. Sally would like to explore opportunities for partnering with the coalition during the year. Shared Interest help finance Fairtrade businesses.

Judith reported that Roger Jenkins has provided summary of some of his experience of OFTC to contribute to the history project.


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