Lord Mayor of Oxford to Accept Fairtrade City Award

On Friday 9th March, at a ceremony at Oxford Brookes University, Winward Island Fairtrade banana producer, Anton Bowman, will present the Lord Mayor of Oxford with the third award recognising its status as a Fairtrade City. Since the City first gained the award in 2004, there has been an amazing 168% increase in the number of shops, cafés, restaurants and workplaces making Fairtrade goods available in Oxford. Come along and meet Anton and the Lord Mayor and find more about how Fairtrade makes people’s livelihoods more secure. To register email sustainability@brookes.ac.uk

But we can all go much further:

Individuals, instead of buying one or two Fairtrade goods in your weekly shop, why not try to ensure that everything you buy is fairly traded (after all, think about what the opposite of fairly traded means!). If your store doesn’t stock a particular Fairtrade product, ask them to! Tell them about the Fairtrade Foundation’s list of Fairtrade products.


Businesses, find out about the large and growing range of Fairtarde products you can stock. Fairtrade “sales continue to outperform overall commercial trends with double digit growth in 2011, and look set to grow further in 2012″*, so join the upward trend and you’ll be onto a winner. See the Fairtrade Foundation’s list of Fairtrade products.


Workplaces, switch to Fairtrade tea, coffee, sugar, snacks and hot chocolate and become an active part of the Fairtrade revolution that is taking place today. Check the Fairtrade Foundation’s list of Fairtrade products for a huge array of Fairtrade supplies.

A small step for you, a giant step for justice…

Check out the many Oxford Fairtrade Fortnight events in the coming week. 

*Press release from the Fairtrade Foundation

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