Minutes of the AGM of the Oxford Fair Trade Coalition

Friday 11th May 2012

Present: Mike McKinley (Co-chair), Elizabeth Whitwick (Treasurer), Sabita Banerji, Val Johnson, Julie Osborne, Jo Clifford

Apologies: Tim Davies (Co-chair), Carol Wills, Alex Nichols, Sebastian Johnson, Sebastian Blake, Elma and Ian Sinclair

Chairman’s Report.

The report was read out in summary since most had already read it on the website where it remains accessible on http://www.oxfairtrade.org.uk. The following points were highlighted. It had been an unusually full and active year for the coalition and one that had generated more income than usual to work with. This income had come firstly from the European cities Millennium Development Goal programme of seminars. For the first of these Oxford provided the location and the Fairtrade theme and the speakers all kindly donated their fees to the coalition. Then Tim Davies generated further income from his development of a Fairtrade Finder web and mobile phone application. This unexpected wealth made it possible to pay for consultancy work to help with organising the city Fairtrade status renewal as well as for some initiatives during Fairtrade Fortnight, including publication of the much admired Oxford Fairtrade News. There were no comparable sources of income anticipated in the coming year and we needed to think about what the coalition should or could try to achieve and how it should be structured to meet the “Challenges and Opportunities” identified for the future. However, with so many key people not present, this debate should be left until the next regular coalition meeting.

Treasurer’s Report

The account was healthy with a current balance of £777.78. However, with no known sources of significant new funds to come, we should remain financially prudent. The treasurer was getting the list of cheque signatories up to date and in line with present needs as soon as possible.

Election of Officers

Due to pressure of other commitments Tim Davies is standing down as Co-chair and there was some discussion about changing to a more conventional committee of Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and whatever other officers might be felt necessary in future. However it was decided that the present co-chairing arrangement met the present needs well and allowed flexibility as to who did what. Sabita was happy to replace Tim as co-chair, and Mike and Elizabeth were happy to remain as the other co-chair and treasurer respectively. All were duly proposed, seconded and unanimously elected as below:

– Co-chairs: Mike McKinley, proposed by Val Johnson and seconded by Julie Osborne
Sabita Banerji, proposed by Julie Osborne and seconded by Val Johnson
– Treasurer: Elizabeth Whitwick, proposed by Mike McKinley and seconded by Sabita Banerji

Any Other Business

Sabita proposed a vote of thanks to Tim Davies for all he had done for the coalition over the years, and especially the last year. This was carried unanimously and enthusiastically with many expressions of hope that he would continue to come to meetings and help out when he could.

Other matters discussed were future plans and aspirations, as above, and timings, locations and nature of future coalition meetings. We look forward to more detailed discussion of all these at the next regular meeting. Sabita undertook to arrange a date for such a meeting and publicise it.

Mike McKinley and Sabita Banerji (Co-chairs)



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