Latest News from the Oxford Fair Trade Coalition

The last OFTC meeting was held on June 11th on the “shop floor” of Fairtrade at St Michael’s. It was inspiring to discuss the future of the Coalition surrounded by a multi-coloured sea of fairly traded handicrafts, food, clothes and art – while consuming delicious fairly traded juice and biscuits!

We are excited to report that we decided at that meeting that we would explore:

  • Organising regular meetings with speakers and dinner
    We already several fascinating speakers lined up and just need to sort out the venue, dates and times. Watch this space! Get in touch if you’d like to give a talk, or if you would like to suggest a particular speaker or topic that you’d like to hear.
  • Income through fundraising events
    The coalition needs regular income to pay for events and commission work on specific things like the renewal bid and Fairtrade Fortnight. We decided to try to raise funds by charging a small fee for regular speaker/dinner events, and organising one or two larger fundraising events a year. We’re exploring the idea of a food-related fundraiser in the autumn involving a celebrity chef! Again, please contact us if you have ideas, suggestions or offers!
  • Linking with a producer group – we agreed to explore the idea of establishing a firm link between OFTC and the Gumutindo Coffee Cooperative in North Uganda.  We would need to discuss this further with them, but imagined that it might involve regular communications about the group and its work, promoting its products, and possible exchange visits.

You can download the full minutes Minutes OFTC meeting 11-06-2012 (PDF).

Join Us!

The Oxford Fair Trade Coalition always welcomes new members. Please do contact us on if you would like to join this well established mutually supportive community of Oxford citizens and organisations who are each working in their own way to promote fair trade in Oxford and beyond.



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