Half a dozen ways to switch to Fairtrade


A student ambassador for Fairtrade at St Michael’s has come up with some easy ways to ‘Swap your Shop’ to a fairer trade option:

“So, as a Fairtrade Ambassador, I suppose I don’t really need persuading of the ethics of buying Fairtrade…  I know I’d much rather spend time browsing round a quirky, individual independent shop than the clinical efficiency of a big chain store. But sometimes it’s just so much easier and cheaper to pop in there and grab something, especially with Christmas coming up and so many presents to buy. I know it’s not what I should be doing, and quite often it’s not what I want to be doing, but when you’re on a student budget with an Oxford student workload, it’s not always easy to stick to your principles. So, with this in mind, I’ve come up with a handful of easy ‘Swap your shop’ ideas. They take no more time to buy, are generally of comparable price if not cheaper, and come with that satisfying feeling that you’re making the world a better place (always an excellent way to justify a shopping spree..!)” >>Read more



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