Lord Mayor signs Fair Trade Beyond 2015 Declaration

May 9, 2013

Yesterday Oxford’s Lord Mayor signed the Fairtrade Beyond 2015 Declaration. A photo from the event and the signed declaration can be seen below.

FT 2015 and Beyond Declaration (Oxford).pdf

Oxford’s Mayor to sign Fair Trade Beyond 2015 Declaration

May 6, 2013

This coming Tuesday, 7 May, the  Lord Mayor, Councillor Mohammed Abbasi, will sign the Fair Trade Beyond 2015 Declaration. The signing will take place in the Mayor’s Parlour at the Town Hall.

The Fair Trade Beyond 2015 Declaration is addressed to world leaders, who will be meeting at the UN in September 2013 to decide on successors to the Millennium Development Goals.

It calls on them to put in place a framework that aims  “to create a just, equitable and sustainable world in which every person can realise their human rights, fulfil their potential and live free from poverty.”  This framework, the declaration notes, “must be based on the three pillars of sustainable development (social, environmental, economic) and must ensure that all actors, at all levels, put in place coherent policies for development.”

The declaration calls specifically for reform of trade rules and practices “with the aim to overcome inequalities and empower small producers and workers in developing countries to trade their way out of poverty”  and for support for “partnerships for development between governments, local authorities, business and citizens, ” of which Fair Trade is an excellent example.

As a Fairtrade City since 2004, Oxford has experience of the way in which Fair Trade can provide partnerships for development that benefit a wide variety of people. Local Fair Trade partnerships involving businesses, schools, local government, churches, and other groups have both contributed to Oxford’s own cultural and civic life and also enabled benefits for partners in countries where Fair Trade goods are produced.