Twitter Competition Celebrates 10 Years of Oxford as Fairtrade City

February 26, 2014

It’s our 10th anniversary as a Fairtrade City – and we want to celebrate Oxford’s commitment to working for a  fairer trading system for producers around the world. We’ve got events planned (see below) … but we also wanted a little online competition to spread the word.

So over 10 days in Fairtrade Fortnight (Wednesday, 26 February to Saturday, 1 March and Monday, 3 March to Saturday, 8 March), we’ll tweet a question every day on @oxfairtrade at noon. The questions will relate to Fairtrade in general, or to Fair Trade in Oxford.  Answers should be emailed to

Questions (each day’s question is posted on the website the day after it’s posted on Twitter)

1.Today’s #FairtradeFortnight event is at @oxford_brookes. When did Brookes become world’s 1st Fairtrade uni? Tell

2. Fairtrade has grown hugely in 10 yrs. How many producers does @fairtradeuk say now benefit from #Fairtrade? Tell

3. Where in Oxford could you try a #Fairtrade banana toffee doughnut today (Friday, 28 Feb)? Answers to #Makebananasfair

4. Which Oxford Fair Trade shop celebrated its 10th anniversary last year &  hosts a banana event today? Answers to:

5. Banana-themed #Fairtrade event in Jericho today (3 March)! Which banana farmer has given his name to the campaign to #makebananasfair?

6. Our #Fairtrade schools & places of worship offer key support for Fairtrade. Email naming 1 of them

7. Today’s our Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. Tell at which of @UniofOxford‘s 6 #Fairtrade Colleges Lewis Carroll was based.

8.Can you tell which world-famous figure sent a message to Oxford when we became a #Fairtrade City?

9. Tell which #Oxford-based charity helped start Fairtrade in the UK & is one of our key                 #Fairtrade-using employers.

10. Thirsty for change? Tweet us  the names of 3 independent #Oxford restaurants/cafes that serve #Fairtrade beverages.


We have six super prizes. We want to spread the Fairtrade goodness around, so only one prize per person.

  • The first UK  resident to send in 3 correct answers will receive a scrumptious Fairtrade chocolate bar.
  • If you haven’t won a prize yet, and you’re the first UK resident with 5 correct answers, you’ll get tea & cake at one of the city’s yummy Fairtrade- serving cafes.
  • If you haven’t won a prize yet, and you’re the first UK resident with 7 correct answers, you’ll receive a prize from our fashionable Fair Trade friends at  Trading for Development.
  • If you haven’t won a prize yet and you’re the first UK resident with 8 correct answers, you’ll get some delicious Fairtrade Malawian tea from the wonderful Exclusive Roots in St Giles
  • If you haven’t won a prize yet and you’re the first UK resident with 9 correct answers, you’ll be able to enjoy a marbled Cocoa Loco Easter egg from the fabulous Windmill Shop in Headington.
  • And if haven’t won a prize yet and you’re the first UK resident to get all the answers right, you’ll get a £10 voucher at the super Fair Trade at St Michael’s in Cornmarket.
Judges’ decisions will be final. This competition is limited to UK residents, and is not open to members of the Oxford Fair Trade Coalition, those employed by the shops providing prizes, or the immediate families of members and shop employees. Winners will be responsible for collecting, or arranging for a representative to collect, their prizes.