Fairtrade Fortnight 2019 25th February – 10th March

Oxford marks its 15th Fairtrade Fortnight

It’s Fairtrade Fortnight again! From today, 25th February until March 10th the Fairtrade City of Oxford is marking the event for the 15th year running through its many fair trade shops, universities and businesses. To mention but a few; Fairtrade at St Michael’s will be holding a  Fairtrade Fortnight extravaganza on the Saturday 9th March, with quizzes, musical instruments, and a human sized Fairtrade Banana!

The Botanic Gardens will be hosting a Fairtrade display to help you “discover more about cocoa, from how it grows to how it’s processed to make one of our favourite snack foods” and “Find out more about how the living income and the Fairtrade premium makes a real difference to cocoa farmers and their communities.”

And the world’s first Fairtrade University, Oxford Brookes and the Fairtrade colleges of Oxford University will be laying on events and activities for their students, raising awareness of the importance of fair trade in the next generation…


Sweeten your pancakes with fairness this Pancake Day

Divine Chocolate, banana and maple syrup pancakes

Shrove Tuesday – aka Pancake Day – falls within Fairtrade Fortnight on March 5th. Traditionally, Shrove Tuesday is the last day gorging yourself before the 40-day fasting period of Lent in the run up to Easter. For many, this is a time of self-reflection, repentance and consideration of how to live better. So it’s the perfect day to switch to Fairtrade versions of the sugar, spices, jam, honey, bananas and chocolate that make your pancakes so delicious. You can buy these ingredients at many shops in Oxford, including Fairtrade at St Michaels, Headington Fairtrade, or your local Co-op.


Cocoa farmers deserve a living income

And talking of chocolate… that is the theme for this year’s Fairtrade Fortnight: the Fairtrade Foundation invites you to support the #SheDeserves campaign for a living income for cocoa farmers in West Africa. The Foundation says “Almost all cocoa farmers in West Africa live in poverty.

For the women the situation is even worse. They may plant and harvest on the farm, look after children, carry water, collect wood, cook and clean for the family, and transport the cocoa beans to market but often with fewer rights than men. This is why we at Fairtrade are campaigning for a living income to become a reality for cocoa farmers in West Africa. If we can work together with governments, chocolate companies and retailers to make the commitments and policies necessary, then we can make it happen.”

Visit the Fairtrade Foundation website for more information and how you can help: www.fairtrade.org.uk


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