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Being a Fairtrade City

Oxford became a Fairtrade City in 2004 and received the following message from South African freedom fighter and subsequent President, Nelson Mandela:

“By supporting Fairtrade, Oxford is affirming once more its commitment to partnership and friendship with people… around the world. Together, we are taking steps towards building a more just world economy. We must continue on this path, to build real opportunities and freedom for all”

But what exactly does being a Fairtrade City mean? It means that the Fairtrade Foundation was satisfied that it had achieved the five criteria required to qualify as a Fairtrade Town (or City) including a resolution passed by the local council supporting Fairtrade, and agreeing to serve Fairtrade products  in meetings, offices canteens etc, a range of Fairtrade products being readily available in the area’s shops and restaurants;  local workplaces and community organisations using Fairtrade products whenever possible; media coverage and events raise Fairtrade awareness and understanding and a local Fairtrade steering group (that’s us! The Oxford Fair Trade Coalition) to continue to develop and gain new support for Fairtrade.

We promote our members’ fair trade activities and goods, we organise events such as talks, screenings, tastings and opportunities to meet fair trade producers. Sometimes we even organise demonstrations when we feel that fair trade is under threat.

We also support the World Fair Trade Organisation

Oxford Fair Trade Coalition also supports and promotes members of the World Fair Trade Organisation, a membership organisation of over 400 Fair Trade enterprises – social entrepreneurs and artisans, farmers and campaigners, innovators and Fair Trade pioneers spread across more than 70 countries. Fair Trade enterprises work to a different business model that puts the needs of people and planet first.

Contact us or head to Get involved! to find out more.


Header image kindly provided under a Creative Commons licence by LY (CC BY-NC). Find the original here.

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