Fairtrade Fair Fun! Oxford Brookes Friday 3rd March 11am to 2pm

February 28, 2017


Food glorious Fairtrade food: is Fairtrade a 21st century food security solution?

February 17, 2016

Fairtrade Fortnight Events at Oxford Brookes

Oxford Brookes is celebrating Fairtrade Fortnight February 29th to March 11th with some great events and offers.


Food glorious Fairtrade food: is Fairtrade a 21st century food security solution?

Wednesday, 02 March 2016, 18:00 to 19:00, Main lecture theatre JHB building.

Rachael Sweet of the Fairtrade Foundation will explore the future of Fairtrade and look at whether it can help to meet the needs of an ever-expanding global population. The event will also consider what the future is for key product and explore how consumers can continue to make a positive impact through purchasing Fairtrade products.

Please follow the link below to book your place.



Fairtrade T-Shirts (Student Fairtrade Coalition)

May 5, 2006


The Oxford Students Fairtrade Coalition have produced a range of T-shirts since 2004.

After the first batch of 100 ‘Make it Fair, Make it Here, Make it Now’ t-shirts, printed by Epona, in 2004 sold out – a number of further batches with new designs were created.

You can see the advert for the 2006 T-shirts below.

Picture 19.png

Fairtrade Cotton in the Oxford University Shop

February 3, 2006

The Oxford University Students Union (OUSU) ethics committee worked with Oxford Limited, the trading arm of Oxford University, to explore options for using Fairtrade products in the University Shop and internal sales.

In February 2006 the University trialled a range of Fairtrade Cotton clothing, with the intention of moving towards Fairtrade and ethically sourced cotton for all official University products.

This followed a successful ‘procurement day’ organised the the OUSU ethics committee and Oxford Student Fairtrade Coalition where a number of producers and retailers, including a representative of the Indian Federation for Fairtrade and Development (IFFAD) specially invited from Madras, were in conversation with Oxford Ltd about how it could source and use more Fairtrade and fairly traded products.

Freshers Fair 2005

October 10, 2005
Fairtrade Fortnight Offers (2005)

Fairtrade Fortnight Offers (2005)

Oxford Students Fairtrade Coalition negotiated a range of special offers for students during the first few weeks of the new 2005 term.

Over 3000 leaflets with these special offers and with information about Fairtrade were handed out at the Fresher’s Fair.

Fair Trade and Development Seminar

April 26, 2005

The Oxford Student Fairtrade coalition took advantage of the fact that Dr Vuppala Purushothaman, director of the International Foundation for Fairtrade and Development (IFFAD) was in town to talk with Oxford Ltd (the University’s commercial arm) to hold a speaker event and discussion on Fair Trade and Development.

Fairtrade Fortnight 2005

March 1, 2005

Over 20 events took place across Oxford during Fairtrade Fortnight 2005, and the Fairtrade City Coalition were highly commended in the Fairtrade Foundation awards for their actions handing out over 1000 maps of Fairtrade suppliers in the city center to shoppers coming into town on Oxford’s Park & Ride bus services.

You can download the full programme of events that took place in this flyer.

The programme included:

  • A Nicaragua day with Salsa dancing and food tastings
  • Events at the Oxford Botanical Gardens
  • A Fairtrade Market in Gloucester Green
  • Free fairtrade tastings at fairtrade@stmichaels
  • Seminars and talks including a talk on Campesino Craft Women in rural Paraguay
  • An ethical fashion show
  • Dinner and talk with a Fairtrade producer
  • Displays of fairly traded knitted products
  • A Civic Service celebrating Fairtrade in Oxford City.

Freshers Fair 2004

October 10, 2004

Leaflets showing students where they could buy Fairtrade products near their colleges, and details of the Fairtrade City campaign in Oxford were handed out at the Fresher’s Fair

2004 Student Fairtrade Leaflet

Oxford Union Debate: this house believes free trade is fair trade

February 15, 2004

Members of the Oxford Student Fairtrade Coalition worked with the Oxford Union to arrange a high profile debate on Fair Trade.

The motion was: This house believes that free trading is fair trading.

Oxford Union Debate: Thursday 3rd Week. HT 2004.

Guest Speakers included:

  • Franz Fischler, EU Commissioner for Agriculture
  • Peter Brabeck, Nestle CEO
  • Daleep Mukarji, Director of Christian Aid
  • Paul Chandler, Chief Executive of Traidcraft.

The Oxford Union chamber was packed for the debate, and the motion was conclusively defeated by over 2 to 1.

An in-depth article in the Oxford Student Newspaper was published the day before the debate.