The BIG Swap!

February 22, 2010

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The Big Swap

Did you know that here in the UK we drink 165 million cups of tea every day!

That’s the good news.  The bad news is that only 10% (but still a whopping 16 and a half million cups) is Fairtrade tea.  We want to change that.  Which is why the Fairtrade Foundation asks people to swap their tea during Fairtrade Fortnight and make a Fairtrade choice.  What’s the point?  First of all, it tastes really good.  More important still, it’s good for the tea growers.  So go on, put the kettle on and try a cup of Fairtrade tea.

Don’t just swap your tea. Try Fairtrade coffee, chocolate, sugar, wine, fruit, socks, T shirts ……. The list goes on and on.  And please register your swap so that the Fairtrade Foundation can count up how many swaps have been made.  The target is 1 million.


“I got some Fairtrade bananas for my children  – not a bad swap that”.[1]

Local Events for Fairtrade Fortnight 22 February to 7 March 2010

Business Breakfast: Oxford Town Hall, 24 February

Here in Oxford we have invited 100 people to join us for a FT breakfast on Wednesday 24 February in the Assembly Rooms at the Town Hall.  There are still a few vacant places so do let us know if you want to come.  It starts at 8.00am and goes on until 9.15.  Yes, we know it’s early but we thought you could fit it in before you go to work!

Stall at East Oxford Farmers’ Market (in East Oxford Primary School from 10 a.m. till 1 p.m.) Saturday 27th, February OFTC core group member, Lorna Hicks, will be there and have lots of publicity and samples to try. The theme is The Big Swap, to encourage people to swap to fairly traded goods by giving them a taste and telling them where to buy fair-trade products.  If anybody is at able to come and help at any time during those three hours, Lorna would be most grateful.

Tea for two at Jericho Community Centre (watch twitter-oxfairtrade and for details)

Botanic Gardens- Fairtrade Fortnight- 22nd Feb. to 9th Mar.

Explore the Garden looking for the people who make our lives tastier.  Find out about farmers and plants from around the World.

Big Brew called “Living Hope” at Great Missenden on Saturday 6th March with Traidcraft CEO Paul Chandler. More information at

Brookes University will have Fairtrade tea parties on every campus between 23rd and 25th February and want to include the local community as well as the students. There will also be a public screening of “Black Gold” on 5th March, and a FT football match. All details available by typing in “fair trade” on Brookes website. or going straight to

Host a Fairtrade party with Trading for Development

Invite your friends or family over, and Trading for Development (an Oxford local business) will bring “The World in a Box” fair-trade items and accessories from around the world.  They will talk about the items, where they come from and the producers.  Learn about the products and buy something if you fancy!  Contact to book your party.

A new Fair Trade Shop opening in Headington

Headington Fairtrade Co-operative Ltd are preparing to open a fairtrade shop, ‘The Windmill’, in Headington. It will open ‘quietly’ on 25th February, with the Lord Mayor, Mary Clarkson, performing the official opening on 2nd March.

Oxford Fair Trade Coalition Meetings

The Core Group meets regularly at the Town Hall.  This week we began to plan our programme of events for the year beyond FT14. This is likely to include a fun event on World Fair Trade Day on Saturday 8 May, a summer evening get together with music and a Fair Trade Nepalese curry, several panel discussions about serious Fair Trade topics like sustainability, impact and climate change.  And at the end of the year our AGM combined with a social evening, to report on how we are doing and to check out with you what we can do together in future.  If you are interested in joining the core group, please contact Carol Wills on

A Decade of Divine

Yes, Divine Chocolate is Ten Years Old!  The scrumptious chocolate made from the very best FT Ghanaian cocoa has been around for a whole ten years and is available in all major supermarkets, Fair Trade Shops and Oxfam  in a whole new range of mouth-watering flavours.   Kuapa Kokoo the farmers cooperative that owns 45% of Divine has grown to 45,000 members and is a thriving, democratically run organization.  There’s a touring photo exhibition to celebrate Divine’s birthday.  To check out where the exhibition is going, visit:

(Thanks to Peter Church of Hull for the joke)

[1] Thanks to Peter Church of Hull for this swap joke.