Exploring the Sustainable Clothing Roadmap at Fair Trade Futures

October 24, 2009

The Fair Trade Futures conference is approaching fast (Saturday 7th November) – and we’re getting more confirmed speakers all the time.

Dorothe MaxwellAfter hearing from a range of key speakers in the morning, for the afternoon of the conference we’ll be opening the floor to anyone who wants to lead a conversation session on a key topic in Fair Trade. You can bring your ideas along on the day, or suggest it in advance via a comment on this blog.

One session we hope will be taking place is with Dr. Dorothy Maxwell, Technical Director at Global View Sustainability Services and, on behalf of DEFRA, behind the Sustainable Clothing Roadmap.

The Sustainable Clothing Roadmap is a voluntary clothing industry initiative involving over 300 companies along the clothing supply chain, co-ordinated by Defra to provide a platform for an integrated approach to improving the environmental and ethical performance of clothing. While it originated in the UK – it has linkage with Asia (especially China and India), EU and USA to date as most UK consumed clothes have a global supply chain. The aim is to drive sustainability from retailers down through the clothing supply chain and fast track best practice through establishing sound science based evidence, prioritising actions (short to long term) and providing a platform for industry best practice cases in order to catalyse change throughout the sector.

So if you to explore the linkages between Fair Trade and Sustainable Clothing initiatives – and to get into conversation with Dorothy and others with shared interests – make sure you’re registered for Fair Trade Futures.