World Fairtrade Day in Oxford

May 5, 2010


  • World Fair Trade Day, Saturday 8 May 2010
  • Wednesday 12 May:  Fair Trade and Climate Change Seminar at Brookes
  • Saturday 15 May:  Fair Trade Stall at Burford Levellers Day
  • Thursday 24 June:  FT musical evening at the Perch, Binsey TBC
  • Trading for Development at the Town Hall and Botanic Gardens


  • The Windmill Fair Trade Shop
  • Fireside Coffee, St Clements
  • Sindyanna of Galilee
  • Fairtrade statistics

1. World Fair Trade Day, Saturday 8 May 2010

World Fair Trade Day is celebrated every year on the second Saturday of May.  All around the world, producers, farmers, organizers, supporters, consumers and activists do something to show their support for Fair Trade and what it does to change lives for the better.

Here in Oxford some of our Fair Trade and ethical businesses have decided to work together.  The businesses involved are Exclusive Roots in St Giles, Greens Cafe in St Giles, Fairtrade at St Michaels in Cornmarket Street , Vaults and Gardens in Radcliffe Square, Saree in Cowley Road, Fireside Coffee in St. Clements and The Windmill Fairtrade shop in Headington.
They are working together to raise awareness of all of their special places across Oxford  –  and World Fair Trade Day seems a good place to start.  The idea is to maximise the use of all our networks to let more and more people in Oxford know about Fair Trade, the wonderful things the shops and cafes offer and, of course, special offers on 8th May.

2. Wednesday 12 May: Fair Trade and Climate Change seminar with Mr S. C. Mittal, MD of Fair Trade Organisation, Pushpanjali of Agra, India

TIME: 5.00-7.00 (talk starts at 5.30)

PLACE: Room G103, Gibbs Building, Brookes University,

Gypsy Lane Site, Headington

Pushpanjali Fair Trade Organisation was founded by Mr. Mittal in 1982 with the mission of improving the livelihoods and well being of disadvantaged people by promoting Fair Trade and speaking out for greater justice in world trade.  Pushpanjali is a member of the Fair Trade Forum-India and the World Fair Trade Organisation.

Mr Mittal  will  speak about Pushpanjali’s social projects and, in particular, their project on the environment and climate change.  He will show a 12 minute video on Fair Trade and climate change.  We plan for there to be plenty of time for comments and questions.

Pushpanjali works closely with six producer groups involving 62 artisans, ensuring safe and healthy working conditions and respect for Fair Trade Standards.  Key commitments to producers are:

  • To provide education & training to Producers and their families.
  • To help to increase living standards
  • To provide credit & advances.
  • To provide equal wages to women producers.
  • Profit sharing with producers.

Pushpanjali also reaches out to poor communities, providing medical support and a medical camp in the village of Khalua, and assistance with school fees for girls. 

3. Saturday 15 May:  Fair Trade stall at Burford Levellers Day

Lorna Hicks, of the OFTCoalition will run a Fair Trade Stall at Burford Levellers Day.  It’s a good excuse to enjoy a day out in this beautiful village. 

4. Thursday 24 June:  Fair Trade musical evening at the Perch, Binsey, with Nepalese Food TO BE CONFIRMED

Do pencil this into your diaries – but wait for confirmation in our next newsletter!

5. Trading for Development

2.00 – 4.00 pm last Sunday every month – knitting sessions, using FT wool, at the Botanic Gardens.

11.00 – 3.00 pm first Wednesday every month – Fair Trade stall in the Town Hall.

The WINDMILL Fair Trade Shop, 104 London Road, Oxford OX3 9AJ.  Telephone:  01865 236 944 opened in March.  It’s owned and run by the Headington Fairtrade Cooperative Ltd, a community co-operative whose purpose is to provide a retail outlet for fairtrade goods and to promote Fairtrade principles.  It’s a fully registered commercial company, not a charity shop!   Everyone is welcome to their AGM at 8.00pm on Monday 21 June when Patrick Gihana Mulenga, Commercial Attache at the Rwanda High Commission, London, will be talking about the far reaching benefits that Fair trade has brought to his country.

New stock includes Injabulo (Zulu for “happiness”) buttons and wallhangings from India made out of recycled saris.

7.”A new retail & coffee shop based on ethical principles, “Fireside Coffee” on St. Clements Street specialises in gourmet indulgent Fairtrade and  Organic food and drink.

8.Sindyanna of Galilee has opened a new Visitors Centre and shop in Kufr Manda

Last year we welcomed  Sindyanna of Galilee to Oxford to talk about their olive oil project.  Active in Fair Trade since 1996, Sinyanna now teaches basket weaving at their Kufr Manda centre. “The opening of the Visitors Center is the direct result of a strategic decision taken by Sindyanna since its inception: the decision that the organization first and foremost must benefit Arab women,” said Hadas Lahav, founder and manager of Sindyanna. “We decided that our initiative must serve as a model for empowering women by means of employment.”

”The opening of the Visitor Centre provides a space where buyers and weavers can meet, and at the same time facilitate fruitful social and cultural dialogue.”
The Sinyanna olive oil factory in nearby Kufr Qana produces 40 tons of olive oil a year and is managed entirely by women, both Jewish and Arab.  Sinyanna also is busy looking for markets for other products from the region: honey, za’atar (a local herb), carob syrup and almonds. They have a separate branch for packing olive oil soap from Nablus which helps the Palestinian economy.

9. Statistics from the Fairtrade Foundation

a. In 2009 sales of Fairtrade products in the UK grew to an estimated £800 million – a 12% increase on 2008.

b. Almost 90% of British households bought at least one Fairtrade product in 2009.

Oxford Fairtrade Fortnight 2010

February 1, 2010

Fairtrade Fortnight 22 February to 7 March 2010

“Put the Kettle on!” Says the Fair Trade Foundation

For this year’s Fairtrade Fortnight, the Foundation is asking the nation to join in The Big Swap in which you swap your usual stuff for the Fairtrade version:  your usual bananas for Fairtrade bananas, your usual cotton socks for Fairtrade cotton socks, and your usual cuppa for a Fairtrade cuppa.  This means that every time you go shopping you can use your wallet to make a stand.   This is a brilliantly small step to make the world a fairer place.  See more on Fair Trade Foundation websites.  Check out Fairtrade Fortnight and

The Big Swap for resources to download including posters and action packs.

The target is 1million and one swaps to Fairtrade.

Fairtrade Fortnight events in Oxford:

The OFTC is inviting 100 people to breakfast on 24 February (8.00am-9.15am) in the Assembly Rooms at the Town Hall.  The Lord Mayor will be there and our Chair, Carol Wills, will talk about the Kuapa Kokoo cocoa farmers who own the Divine Chocolate Company and the Bolgatanga basket weavers.  She’s going to visit them in Ghana next week.

Most of the people invited to this breakfast are businesses – retailers, restaurants, cafes and bars – selling Fairtrade and using Fairtrade products.
We want to encourage them to make it easier for consumers to buy more!

If you are very keen to join us, and have not received your own invitation, please send your name to

Other Fairtrade Fortnight events in Oxford and Oxfordshire

Stall at East Oxford Farmers’ Market (in East Oxford Primary School from 10 a.m. till 1 p.m.) Saturday 27th, February OFTC core group member, Lorna Hicks, will be there and have lots of publicity and samples to try. The theme is The Big Swap, to encourage people to swap to fairly traded goods by giving them a taste and telling them where to buy fair-trade products.  If anybody is at able to come and help at any time during those three hours, Lorna would be most grateful.

The Big Brew is a national initiative encouraging schools, churches, workplaces and any other organisation, to host a fair trade event  

anytime during Fairtrade Fortnight.  Get involved

Tea for two at Jericho Community Centre (watch twitter-oxfairtrade and for details)

Mad Hatter’s tea party at Christ Church (watch for details)

Botanic Gardens –Get Ready for Fairtrade Fortnight 18th February 1-4pm

Try some tasters, find tropical treats growing in the Glasshouses.  Take home a plant to grown on your windowsill.

Botanic Gardens- Fairtrade Fortnight- 22nd Feb. to 9th Mar.

Explore the Garden looking for the people who make our lives tastier.  Find out about farmers and plants from around the World.

Big Brew called “Living Hope” at Great Missenden on Saturday 6th March with Traidcraft CEO Paul Chandler

Brookes University will have Fairtrade tea parties on every campus between 23rd and 25th February and want to include the local community as well as the students.  There will also be a public screening of “Black Gold” on 5th March, and a FT football match. All details available by typing in “fair trade” on Brookes website.

Host a Fairtrade party with Trading for Development 22 Feb. to 7 Mar. 2010

Invite your friends or family over, and Trading for Development (an Oxford local business) will bring “The World in a Box” fair-trade items and accessories from around the world.  They will talk about the items, where they come from and the producers.  Learn about the products and buy something if you fancy!  Contact to book your party.


Whatever it is, big or small, do let us know c/o

More on the Big Brew and other Ft14 events

Here are some of the things that people do as part of Ft 14 (and the Big Brew):

  • Children’s parties with Fairtrade juice, raisins and fruits
  • Special Fairtrade tastings at your community centre, church or school
  • Showing a film with a Fairtrade theme (such as Black Gold) and offering Fairtrade snacks
  • Hold a special event such as a tea dance, fashion show or exhibition

What other ideas do you have?  Do let us know.

John Madeley, Fair Trade writer, has written his first novel, “Beyond Reach”, and will be signing copies at Fair Trade at St. Michael’s on Saturday 27 February from 10.00-12.30.  The novel contains much analysis and information on Fair Trade, Make Poverty History and related issues.

Fair Trade Easter Egg Launch: This is an initiative of the Diocese of Manchester.  The egg will be on sale from churches From about 10 March.   There’s chocolate, of course.  There’s also the Easter story.  Profits to charity.  Watch out for it!

New Fair Trade Directory out soon: On 15 February we are taking delivery of 10,000 copies of the new Directory.  They are free.  In the next newsletter we’ll tell you where you can collect copies for you to use to promote Fair Trade in Oxford and Oxfordshire.