Your Fairtrade vision for Oxford

April 25, 2009

At the relaunch of Oxford as a Fairtrade City in February we asked those attending to share some of their visions for Oxford as a Fairtrade City. Here are some of the suggestions that were made:

Fairtrade Vision Suggestions“For everyone in Oxford to feel a connection with a particular Fair Trade supplier”

“To put enough pressure on the University of Oxford (and the colleges) so it becomes the second Fairtrade University in the City”

“I would love to see every shop carrying Fairtrade products”

“I choose Fairtrade because it’s the right thing to do – everyone deserves a fair wage for their work and the change of a good life for themselves and their family”

“A city where Fairtrade products are the norm, not just a niche”

“A more co-ordinated approach to Fairtrade form Oxford business”

“Two Fairtrade Universities in the city”